Why install a pioneer tank?

The pioneer aquaculture tank is considerably easier than installing a concrete tank.

Firstly, CESP Africa is fully trained, certified distributor familiar with the local conditions and needs of the East African market. Secondly the lightweight packaged tank is a mere 1% of its assembled size.

A domestic tank can easily be installed by two people in 6 hours and Disassembly can be done in 3.

  • Easily transported fully-knocked-down.
  • Easily assembled.
  • Patented.
  • Robust BHP Zincalume and Colorbond Steel (The zinc/aluminum alloy coating on Zincalume steel is proven to impart corrosion resistance of up to four times the life of galvanized steel when weathered in the natural elements.)
  • Demountable
  • Accepted as suitable storage for consumable water by world health authorities
  • Thoroughly tested for salt, mineral and bore water
  • Protected against internal corrosion using sacrificial magnesium anodes.
  • Aesthetically appealing 8-80 V Lock wall profile.
  • Written Guarantee.

Installing the tank

Pioneer aquaculture tanks are engineered to withstand hydrostatic pressure and some earth movement, however, it is important to prepare the tank site properly.

  • Sand pad to be level and stable prior to construction.
  • For sloping tank sites please make sure adequate drainage is provided to divert run off water away from the tank wall. A retaining wall may be required to maintain pad integrity. Note 1000 liters of stored water is equivalent to 1000 kgs (1 ton).
  • It is recommended that a load of water (min. 10,000 liters) be delivered at the completion of construction.

Quality control

Pioneer aquaculture tanks are workshop built to the appropriate Australian Standards, the manufacturing benchmark for consistent quality and workmanship in Australia. All designs comply with the relevant clauses of the following Australian Standards:

AS 4100 Steel Structures Code

AS 4020 Products for use in contact with drinking water.

  • Super tough four-layer permanently-bonded polyethylene with tough fiber reinforcing.
  • 10-year written guarantee (roofed tanks) in potable applications
  • 65 years life expectancy when free from UV light.
  • Approved for the storage of drinking water.
  • A proven performer for 15 years in Australia.