Water Storage Tanks

Water Storage Tanks

The solution to an erratic water supply system as is the case in Africa requires development of ample water storage facilities across the water supply system.

Through our partnership with global leading water storage technology specialists, we have the capacity to provide water storage systems with volumes ranging
from 500 liters to 3.0 Million liters in a single tank. This means we have capability to support water storage for individual homes to small townships.

Our water storage products have guarantees of up to 30 years!


  • We can supply water storage systems with capacities ranging from 500 Liters to 2.6 million liters
  • Tanks construction materials range from Plastic, reinforced fiber glass and colorbond steel
  • Tanks available in circular, rectangular and square shape. Tank diameter can be up to a maximum of 20m with a height of 9m for the circular tanks. Rectangular tanks can be designed to available space with a maximum of 5 m in height
  • Tanks are professionally designed, fabricated and installed in accordance to global standards for different applications
  • Tanks are available in different colors to ensure that they camouflage with surrounding environment or to suit designer requirements
  • Our tanking system has guarantees of up to 30 years thus guaranteeing return on investment made for the project
  • We have a well trained locally-based installation team meaning that installation charges are low while getting top notch quality of installation done
  • Our tanks are stocked locally for volumes up to 250,000 liters to ensure quickest project turnaround time for our clients. Bigger tanks are considered custom orders with guaranteed 90 days delivery if the customer meets the payment terms
Areas of Application.
    • Irrigation
    • Potable water storage
    • Process water storage
    • Wastewater treatment systems
    • Rainwater harvesting
Flexibility of Our Tanks

Design of our water storage system allows knock down, transportation and assembly with product
material ranging from steel, glass, reinforced fiber glass and plastic. Choice of the selected product is
dependent on volume of storage and liquid to be stored.