Water Quality and Control System

CESP provides Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solutions that allows users to control water treatment systems on and off site. SCADA systems are custom designed to the customers need and level of Automation required. CESP can also provide fully fitted Labs for water quality analysis.

Through probe sensor systems, data is collected and sent to a controller that then displays the parameters needed on a dashboard while backing up data at set frequencies for future references. The controls are also accessible from any location in the globe provided there is availability of an internet service. Some of the water parameters that can be monitored include:


  • DO – Dissolved Oxygen
  • TSS- Total Suspended Solids
  • PH- Potential of Hydrogen
  • ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential
  • Conductivity
  • TDS – Total Dissolved Solids
  • Flow – Instantaneous and total flow