Residential Wastewater System

Our systems are designed to accommodate between 6 and 25 people, suitable for home use. If you require a different domestic system, we are able to design a system that will serve your home with no extra expenses.

The unique design and components of these systems accelerate the treatment process by creating optimum environments both for the microorganisms that digest the waste and for collection and storage of the resulting byproducts.

The effluent generated by our treatment system is clean and up to National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). The treated effluent can be used to irrigate and other domestic purposes. Though it is not fit for human consumption.


  • Allows 100% water recycling from your home
  • Neat underground installation
  • Acceptable noise levels within a home – 33Db
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Available spare parts and consumable
  • Local expertise to install and maintain plant.
  • Wide product range to choose from depending on site conditions
  • Free design services with the treatment package
  • Competitive pricing for high quality product
  • Approved system by KEBS and NEMA authorities
  • Compact unit – small installation space required
  • Available as plug and play or build in place systems