Commercial Water Treatment

Regardless of the source of water( Sea, River, dam, borehole, well) CESP Africa has a suitable water treatment solution for you. Through our feasibility and design teams we are able to analyze your water quality and prescribe the best sustainable solution for your application. Key consideration during design includes aspects such as power consumption, space requirements, complexity of operations, adaptability to project phasing and quality control and assurance.


  • Optimized design to meet project water demand
  • Modular design to match project development
  • Regardless of the water source, all we need is the full chemical water analysis to custom make a treatment plant for you
  • Treatment plant size custom designed to project requirements
  • Local expertise for operations and maintenance after warranty period
  • Availability of spare parts and consumables for the plants available locally
  • Units are compact and can be designed to fit available space on site
  • High power consuming systems designed with energy recovery system to reduce power consumption
  • Low operation and maintenance costs Solutions can be containerized to allow movement from one site to another
  • Current local installations have production ranging between 1,000Liters per hour to 100,000Liters per hour