Water dispensers are a silent but integral part of any home or office. Not glamorous by any stretch but when you’re feeling thirsty, it’s just what you need.

Our water dispensers are slightly different because they connect directly to your water system, filter your council or borehole water to give you clean drinking water.

For those seeking a slightly more inconspicuous solution, we have an under-sink system. Same connection to your water system but the system fits right under your sink, with a tap to get your clean filtered water.


Both our under-sink and stand-alone dispensers use the same technology to treat your water. They use reverse osmosis as well as other filters to clean the water. To read more about how exactly the system works, read here.

Under-sink / Stand-alone dispenser.

  • Our systems use reverse osmosis, as well as other filters to remove any bacteria, viruses, dissolved salts, suspended solids and any other impurities from your tap water. To find out more about how reverse osmosis works read here.
  • Drinking water is always available provided there is electricity and council/borehole water. The system is self-regulating, meaning you set it and leave it and it will purify water to keep its tank full.
  • Our water filtration system comes with an initial purchase cost and cost of filters, but in the long run is very economical.
  • The systems are easy to maintain, requiring very little maintenance and replacing filters every 6-8 months.
  • The under-sink system is also very discrete, with only a tap to dispense your drinking water visible.

Water bottle dispensers.

  • Majority of drinking water providers also use reverse osmosis to remove impurities from their water.
  • The water bottles require constant refilling.
  • There is the initial purchase cost of the dispenser as well as the cost of constantly refilling, which can accumulate quickly to be expensive.
  • The dispensers require the water bottles to be constantly monitored and replaced.