Open the newsletter here: June 2019

We are officially done with half of the 2019 year! The rains are finally here, our crops in the farm are growing and we are collectively thankful and grateful for all this. However, not all has been well. In the last couple of months, we have unfortunately seen some companies closed down by NEMA for releasing their waste directly into our river sources contaminating them. This together with other kinds of pollution of our water sources has impeded our country’s development in very many ways as discussed in our end-of-June newsletter issue. 

In this newsletter issue, we focus on the impact water pollution is having on our environment and the steps we can take to remedy this in sustainable ways.
Also of interest in this issue is CESP’s project feature on Unilever’s wastewater treatment system. This is a catching article especially for the manufacturing companies in Kenya wondering how they can treat their waste in a bid to comply with NEMA’S set standards.  

 As always we look forward to your feedback. Happy reading!