CESP Africa had the privilege and honor of helping Cure International hospital in their mission to provide world class specialized care for children with disabilities.

Cure International Hospital is a Christian based non-profit organization with one of their branches based in Kijabe. With a focus on treating disabilities among children who would otherwise be unable to access medical services.

Cesp Africa partnered with Cure to provide a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) wastewater treatment system. In accordance with National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) our plant treats their wastewater to approved standards where it could be released to the surrounding environment safely.

The process

Breaking ground

The construction started with a breaking ground ceremony where CESP Africa and Cure joined hands to bless the project we were about to begin.


After excavation the construction process begins. We constructed the wastewater plant, perimeter wall and control room.

Completion and Handing over

After the construction was complete, the plant was connected to the sewage system and can begin treating wastewater.