Water quality monitoring is a key indicator of services provided to the consumer and more importantly has impacts on both health and the environment. It is for this reason that CESP ensures efficient management of water quality by providing wastewater testing, data analysis,
record keeping, reporting and suggestion of recommended actions in an effective manner so as to ensure compliance with NEMA.



Water quality monitoring involves a series of frequent tests on parameters for both waste and treated water. These parameters include:
I. Bacteriological parameters that should be tested before selection and during operation of the supply because of their immediate and significant impacts on human health hence their frequent analysis.

II. Physicochemical parameters; even though they don’t have an immediate impact on human health they are important    in giving a guide to the quality of water treated and distributed to the consumers.

III. Wastewater Parameters (Effluent Parameters): To determine the actual organic loading of a waste plant and to monitor the effluent to determine compliance with NEMA.

For both on-going and maintenance CESP projects there is:
I. Mandatory Analysis– this is done before the project moves to the subsequent stage and provides important factors for considerations that will help the engineering team to make informed decisions.

II. Recommended Analysis- this is done on advice or on-demand based on expected conditions of that specific stage and does not interfere with the subsequent stage unless there is need to.

Taking Precise Measurements is Important for our Testing Process
Taking Precise Measurements is Important for our Testing Process


Routine monitoring and evaluation of water quality is very vital:
I. It helps to curb environmental pollution especially in the aquatic ecosystems because of depletion of oxygen that can lead to death of some aquatic organisms.
II. Reduce risks on human health due to toxicity of substances such as heavy metals and residual chlorine from the wastewater plant effluents.

III. To ensure proper performance of your wastewater plant and ensure minimal maintenance expenses are incurred by the client due to sensitivity of some apparatus e.g. Reverse Osmosis Membranes to scaling.

IV. As it helps reduce the adverse effects on the clarity and colour of water without which its popularity for recreational use would decline

CESP Top of the Range Water Quality Testing Equipment
CESP Top of the Range Water Quality Testing Equipment


Through our thorough and constant assessment of the water quality of your wastewater plant we provide for proactive troubleshooting of the plant as it’s a whole system that is interdependent on other systems.
CESP also ensures that we keep up with the ever changing technology and with our continuous research in emerging water monitoring techniques and the required water quality regulations we increase the efficiency of our treatment plants so as
to be in the forefront in wastewater management in the region and beyond.