Britam has made history by receiving the Emporis Skyscraper Award and emerging as the 10th outstanding skyscrapers in the world.

The winners of the Emporis Skyscraper Award – which is the world’s most renowned prize for high-rise architecture- are chosen by a jury of architectural experts from all over the world, while the nominated buildings are judged based on their achievements in functions and aesthetics.

Britam Tower which was designed by GAPP Architects and Triad Architects stands 656 ft. and 32 floors above the ground. The magnificent tower made its appearance on the list for its prismatic shape, fascinating facades and its functional design. Its form offers a variety of shapes and sizes to the floors with eye-catching views of the city.

“Britam Tower exceptionally relates with its environment by respecting the science of sustainability and energy efficiency. Its innovative engineering and well-considered geometry puts it at the world’s spheres of marvellously crafted skyscrapers,” said the team at CCE News.

CESP is proud of the work that we did and continue to do with Britam Towers. Britam contracted CESP Africa for the provision of state-of-the-art water treatment systems for purification of all their water. The water used to clean the glass is passed through a Reverse Osmosis System that purifies at a rate of 0.3 liters per second. The purification process removes any sediments and chemicals in the water that may cause damage to the glass of the building’s façade during cleaning.

A second Reverse Osmosis System operating at a rate of 0.4 liters per second was installed together with an ultra-violet system to purify all the water from the borehole before it is distributed throughout the building’s consumption points. This means that water flowing through each and every tap at the Britam Tower is safe for drinking!

CESP Africa also installed a 50 cubic meter per day waste water system that treats all the grey-water that is produced throughout the entire building before release into the sewer line.  This ensures that hazardous waste water is in no way released to the environment from the Towers.

It is a wonderful and progressive thing to see architects in Kenya putting their best foot forward and not only designing remarkable buildings but environmentally sustainable ones. Once more, we say a big Congratulations to Britam Towers!!