This year marks the 52nd world earth day. Since its inception the day has been an opportunity to highlight areas where we as humans have taken advantage of our home, planet earth. Climate change is one of the largest issues facing humanity. While we have an opportunity to correct the past, the time for action is now.

Invest in the planet

This year the theme of the day is ‘Invest in our planet’. It is our opportunity to invest time, money, effort, innovation and passion to save our planet from climate change and its effects. All parties need to be involved in this effort. From governments, organizations to individuals.

Let’s do something about it.

Across the planet there are organized events happening on Earth day to ‘Invest in the planet’. In Nairobi there are numerous events happening, like;

  • Nairobi River Fall See Waterfalls Restoration Intervention – The target is to establish Green Tourism Destination by developing Nature Paths along the river, construct Gabions along the river banks, botanical garden at the waterfalls, engage organized groups working along the river to undertake Bamboo Growing Challenge – 120 Green Champions from 6 Villages in Lucky Summer Ward, Ruaraka Sub County, Nairobi County Kenya to produce 12,000 Bamboo Seedlings to be planted by 5th June 2022. The initiative is Led by Lucky Summer Environmental & Waste Management Organization with technical guidance from National & County Government, GKIT, KFS, NMS, Business Community, CSOs, CBOs, working in Environment Sector.
  • Mathare 4A ground Community Clean-up.
  • Refueling Africa : Ethical Investment in the energy sector in Africa with a key focus on EACOP and other spiraling fossil fuels investments – In this webinar, we will hear from community leaders fighting fossil fuels intrusion from different parts of Africa including Kenya, Okavango Delta, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Among other events. To learn more about these events as well as ways to ‘invest in our planet’ in future visit the Earthday website as well as our own website.

Looking into the future.

The good news about the future is that there is still time to correct the current state of the planet. We need to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century to keep the global temperature below 1,5°C. Though achievable, it will not be an easy task.

What can I do right now?

Bold, fast, and wide-ranging action needs to be taken by governments and businesses. But the transition to a low-carbon world also requires the participation of citizens.

  • The manufacturing industry is the biggest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, and needs to play an pivotal role if real change is to be made.
  • The transport and energy industry are big players in the climate change.
  • The farming industry and food production will have to change.